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Power Donuts is a puzzle game whose goal is to make alignments of donuts on a grid of 7x7 boxes.

You can play humain versus humain or humain versus computer to unlock grids or to unlock objects of the level editor.

Power Donuts is a mix of popular games:

  • "4 in a row" (Connect 4), because 4 or more donuts must be aligned to score points,
  • Tetris, because alignments' donuts disappear dropping donuts that are above them,
  • Pac Man, because game borders are connected (the left edge with the right edge and the top with the bottom) like on the surface of a donut!

In addition, the levels are filled of bonuses or obstacles that the player can take advantage or can bypass to make alignments!

Finally, a level editor is integrated into the application in order to allow creative players to build their own levels and to play with!

Good game!

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You can create and play with your own grids using the integrated level editor.

Just tap the box in the grid to put a bonus or a decor object.

1 click for a blue donut, 2 clicks for a red donut, 3 clicks for a brick wall ...
Use a long click on a custom level box to delete this level.

Power Donuts is an adaptation of a game named P4TT ('Puissance 4 Tetris Torique' in french).

P4TT was originally developed under MS-DOS in 1998 by Raphael La Greca.

Today, Power Donuts restores P4TT life with new bonuses and a new design on mobile phones and tablets.

Download P4TT for MS-DOS!
The game board is a grid made up of 7x7 boxes. The top of the grid is connected to the bottom and the right border of the grid is connected to the left border. So, you play on the surface of a donut!

Click on a column of the grid to drop a donut in this column.

The goal of the game is to align the donuts.

An alignment of donuts can be a minimum of 4 or up to 7 donuts. It can be made horizontally:


or diagonally:

The more donuts aligned, the more points the player wins. (points indicated to the right on the previous images):
  • 4 donuts : 1 point,
  • 5 donuts : 2 points,
  • 6 donuts : 3 points,
  • 7 donuts : 4 points.

As soon as an alignement is validated, it disapears. Then, the donuts above them fall down, which can make new alignments! Beware of chain reactions!

The winner is the player who reaches 3 or more points with a minimum lead of 2 points over his opponent. The player wins at the end of a turn.

A turn begins when a player places a donut on the grid and ends when no more alignments are validated in the grid.

As soon as there is a tie (minimum 5 points), "sudden death" mode is activated. In this mode, a difference of 1 in the scores is enough to win.

Pawns and Bonus

A bonus is triggered when a donut stops in its box.

The bonuses are not affected by gravity (except joker donut and brown bomb).

The bonuses do not block donuts.

Donut of player A.
Donut of player B.
A joker donut can be used by player A or player B to make alignments.
A brick wall can be broken by an explosion.


A bomb blows all pawns and bonuses in its neighborhood.


A brown bomb has the same effect as the conventional bomb. A brown bomb is affected by gravity. If it falls on a coffer, another bomb or the anti-gravity bonus: it explodes!
The shield wall is not affected by explosions.


The anti-gravity bonus rotates vertically the gameboard. The explosions override anti-gravity bonuses. The anti-gravity bonuses accumulate.


A coffer has a random effect, it can:
  • be empty (nothing happens),
  • contain a bomb or an anti-gravity bonus,
  • give donuts to the bank,
  • remove donuts from the bank.
Settings menu.
Levels editor.

You can create and play with your own grids!
Just tap the box in the grid to put a bonus or a decor object.
1 click for a blue donut, 2 clicks for a red donut, 3 clicks for a brick wall...
Bank of donuts

Donuts are not only useful to unlock options and levels, but also to use some features.

Donuts are obtained with a victory versus the computer from the medium-difficult level.

1 donut is earned at the first start of the game every day.

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